"If I can stop one Heart from Breaking,
I shall not Live in Vain,
If I can Ease one Life the Aching,
I shall not live in Vain"


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Satish Rahi Edison
Very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Bhamy Shenoy Mysore India 
Life becomes easy when we start realizing that most things are illusion. Then we never worry and we can start enjoying life. Wishing all the hospice members a happy stay.

Jayalakshmi Satyanarayana Chennai India
I think what you people are doing here is absolutely amazing and the very thought that such socially responsible citizens still prevail in our country and amidst us gives a warm ray of hope in my heart that there is still some hope for humankind and humanitarian deeds.

selva kumar chennai india 
kind hearted sir/madam, first i apologise for my grammatical mistakes that i am going to make in this, as i am not good in english. just an hour before i visited JEEVODAYA with my friends, as i concerned that a very good job is being done by JEEVODAYA, and also i thought money and special foods will not make the patients happy as the kind words and the care we give them.and also i pray for the good hearts in JEEVODAYA,ni will b stay in touch

Udit Chaudhuri Mumbai 
Excellent work. The appearance of the buildings, body language and expressions of the staff via these photographs make this hospice feel like a place of hope and a relief from pain for cancer patients. Palliative care, trauma management etc are relatively unknown words in our country that otherwise prides itself as a contributor of doctors and nurses to the world medical community.

Pratyush Ranjan Mumbai India 
It is an extremely noble cause you are working towards. I would like to be part of this drive and make more and more people aware of the organization.

vijay murali chennai india 
Hi, My father has suffering from advance oral cancer diease.

Sangeetha Sriram Chennai India
Hi, Heard that you are doing an excellent job,  I am wife of Mr.Sriram(31 Yrs) who passed away recently after suffering very badly with cance. My ambition is to serve cancer patients as i know the real pain of the same. Pls let me know whether you need any service. Am ready to render from my end, I will be able to do a good conselling to cancer patients and to their attenders.

Pat Klus ottawa canada 
Hello...I visited your hospice over one year ago with Gilly Burn and have thought about all of you ever since.That trip was my first exposure to India and to your hospice / palliative care. and I was very impressed with what I saw. I know that providing hospice/ palliative care in India has been a challenge but it was not felt at your hospice. The patients seemed to be well cared for, your staff seemed loving and the environment seemed very peaceful. I am working in a large Ottawa hospital that has many technical resources but I still believe in hospice care as a "home". I hope that someday I will visit you again and perhaps help out for a few weeks. Take care God bless
Pat Klus RN

Daniel Ganesh Chennai India 
I am deeply inspired by your divine services to the advanced cancer patients. I am praying to God to shower all His blessings upon the people involved in this home. Certainly the God of love will bless you forever.

Raymond Antao Panjim, Goa India
Well i was impressed by reading an article about "Jeevodaya" on The Hindu on 7th instant. I really appriciate the good work carried by all those at the Hospice. I am interested in opening a centre in Goa after a few years for Pallative care my main main is that our Old die with Dignity and a broad SMILE on their face and am inspired to start a centre for the "Bed Ridden" old people suffering from any sickness. Will want to visit your place for some inspiration and learning
God bless all of you

Ram Krishnaswamy Sydney Australia
We regret that the Guest book feature in this Website got hacked and spammed and in the process we had to remove many entries from 2005. This feature has now been restored allowing visitors to post their comments

Gangadhar Moghe Nashik India
Could not hold back my tears after visiting your site. Wish you all the best and may your tribe grow. God bless.

Joseph Jean Pierre Chennai India
This is a noble cause. The Sisters of FCC are doing a remarkable job in taking care of the patients. I was deeply touched to the see the agony of the patients in their last moments. Felt pity for them. It will remain in my mind and heart forever .. As a human being i will help Jeevodaya, In all ways i could ...

This is for the very first time i m visiting this site, i would like to know whcih can be help my mother, she is suffering from ovarian cancer. I would be very thanksful..........Monika

Benito Irudayasamy Chennai India
God help you

poorni poorna chennai India
i too like to join you to care for the people who are to be really cared. still im unaware how to contact you

R Sivasankar Southlake United States
Keep up the great work!

Uma Shankar Arunachalam New Delhi India 
We still remember the days of 1996, where we got our mother Late Mrs. Vasantha Arunachalam got admitted on 15.08.1996 for mouth cancer and by 07.11.1996, she expired in the early hours. First we didn’t have any hints on the humble service extended by the Generous Nuns, after having experience with them, we realized how they handled the patients with high care, love and affection. For those, God has given the schedule for their death, this is the only place, where they are taken care with no expectations, however the patients cry for the pains in their body, where you cannot bear, only pain killers will do, these Holy Sisters with face of Mother Teresa comes to their rescue, 24 hours any time with full patience, manners. They have come from neighbouring state, leaving all their family members, to do this noble service. Our family members and myself are able to do something whatever possible to this Cancer Care association even all are away from Chennai. Our special respect to Dr. Manjula, who we remember still, who prolonged our mother’s life to few months. Uma Shankar, New Delhi


Shantikam Hazarika Guwahati India 
I am in the Management council of the Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute at Guwahati. I would like to explore the possibilites of sharing views and ideas and pain and Palliative care for cancer patients. May God bless all those who are involved with the Jeevodaya project.

Ravi Perry Chennai India 
Good Job

Gowrish Prabhu Chennai India
Hello :) Helping them will satisy me.

Suhasini Venkataramana Chennai India 
I am interested to know more about this organization and also to give an helping hand.

Venkat Iyer Mumbai India
if birth is celebrated , so should be death, and there is no reason why death cannot be peaceful, and a joyful experience amidst such wonderful persons. the jeevodaya , the shanti avedna in mumbai, and finally after years of toil, COURAGE INDIA is giving final touches to PRASHANTHI- a one of its kind home for the Cancer pts. more infor could be had from its site. www.courageindia.org, and this foundation expresses its grateful thanks to PANDIT SHIVKUMAR SHARMA, KISHORI AMONKAR AND many others for their support. AND ABOVE ALL PRANAMS TO THE LOTUS FEET OF BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA

Pradeep Kumar Bhattacharya New Mumbai India 
GOD bless all those who are behind such a humanitarian work.

Sriram Chandrasekar Chennai India
In this age of materialism and cynicism, it is really great to see such selfless work. Since I am at Chennai, I would like to get involved in some way or the other in your activities.

Ramachandhren Solai, Madras India
my mother Mrs.Chellamma was treated and died in this hospital, we always remember the treatment she had and we thought of every year on the day 24-5-1996 she passed and we would like to give donation to this wonderful service to the humanity.

Fatima Lilani Pune India
We are in the same field of work, but we do not have a hospice yet. What we are doing is free home care for advanced stage cancer patients for the last 9 years.
I wish Ram and everyone at Jeevodaya the courage to carry on with this humane work.

Sumit Ghosh kolkata India 
I came to know about HOSPICE, chennai from my uncle who is a cancer patient  & under going treatment in Tata memorial hospital, mumbai. from then I frequently go through the activities of this organisation &want to know more.
I Heartly congratulate all the persons related with this organisation.

Alan Ierston West Midlands United Kingdom
A really good site and I found some useful information

Subbu Sundaravelu Mason United States
Great service... Humanity will be better served by organization like this..

Rajashi Gupta Kolkata India 
This is an unique venture. I shall in my own way try to help your cause. The Almighty shall always be with you. Never stop and you are sure to succeed

Ram Krishnaswamy Sydney Australia
A Big Thanks to Tony, Prem and Ronnie for their prompt help in giving finishing touches to  Jeevodaya web site and getting it re-hosted.

Tony Francis NY United States
This is one of the greatest humanitarian services offered for the cancer patients. Congratulations and keep up the good work. 

Premanand Radhakrishnan Sydney Australia
A remarkable effort by some remarkable people. 

Ariyaratnam Kandiah, Coventry, United Kingdom
My heart goes out to those who are involved in helping people in this way. I have forwarded the link to many people. I wish this project every success.

Manohar Ramanujam Suba Sri Ram, Manama, Bahrain
This sure is a useful service that is provided for the unfortunate. Impressive. Wish to visit this place sometime when I am able to come to that part of the world.

Venkataraman Srinivasan, Melbourne, Australia
The details provided are excellent, I shall actively explore opportunities to raise funds in Melbourne. Regards

Leo J. Prakash,  Rottenburg Germany
Good Job Ramchander! I will do my best for this cause.

P. Ravindranath, Bangalore, India
Very very laudble work being done. May god bless this institution and enable continued service to terminally ill cancer patients and can enable human dignity to be kept alive

Giblin Roger, Sydney, Australia
Great effort. I will support this good cause.

Mascarenhas Allan, Pont Sainte Maxence, France

Purushothaman. R , Sydney, Australia
Keep up the good work

Muthana. D.A. Chennai India
A whole lot of sacrifice the organisers are doing. God bless one and all.

Harry Tubonye, Lowestoft, United Kingdom
Excellent project. I wish you all the best.

Kallungal Joshy, Aurora Canada
Rambo: from a cursory review of the site, it looks like you are onto some thing great. I will certainly surf through it later and offer my comments and how I may be able to help the cause, which I believe is a cause worth supporting. I will be releasing an open letter to IITM group with in the next few days and I hope causes like this one should attract many of our attention.

Bhoopalan Vijayanand  Chennai India

George  Vergese Chennai India
Great service you are doing. Only God can reward you, not only on this earth, but in the life hereafter. Wish more in the wider world would have a way of being able to read about you and your services.

Greene Jill Oregon United States
What a precious gift to the world to have Jeevodaya and all its supporters who are willing to give their time, energy and resources to help ease the suffering of cancer patients. Special thanks to Ram Krishnaswamy, who, despite his own burdens, gives lovingly and generously of himself. Ram, I know that the fruits of your effort are felt by the soul of the world--here and beyond.
"We must be the change we wish to see."

Narayanan Srinivasan Salem India
Excellent humanitarian work. Keep it up. Will donate after I visit the hospice soon as I live in Tamilnadu only.

Rammohan Vissa Houston United States

Krishnan Mohana, Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia

Subramanian P R, Niskayuna United States

Arega Phani, Los Angeles, USA United States
My best wishes for the success of this endeavour.

George Rohit Sydney Australia
A great work done never goes unnoticed. May God help the volunteers in doing their work for His people in a way that pleases Him. May God help us raise the funds required for this great cause.

Sengottaian Ramasamy Chennai India
It is a noble cause and a fitting service indeed to the dying terminally ill
cancer patients. I have seen my own father suffering this terrible disease
and I would like to solemnly associate myself in this noble cause.

Pawar Vilas, Mumbai India

Nix Kay Sydney Australia
This is a big reminder that so many in the world forget to really care...until reminded

Srinivasan Venkatramanan Detroit United States
It is amazing how people can stay away from the temptations in this material world and still find time to help the unfortunate ones. Keep up the great work.
I would like to contribute

Ritossa Claudio Turin Italy
Compliments for your hard work and your results, I am an Italian doctor , interested in palliative care in Italy.

Ashok Kumar John Chennai India
A Humane And Wonderfull service to the terminally ill cancer patients .
May GOD give the strength and resources (socially & economically ) to continue this yeoman service to the JEEVODAYA TEAM .

Priya Anu India

Vijayashree Bhaskar Kumbakonam India

Venkat Nalina Chennai India

George Usha Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
I pray that your organisation receives more and more blessings from the Almighty to enable it to continue this good work for ever and ever.

Prasanth G Chennai India

usgrants NewYork USA
Thanksforalltheinformation! Greatsite!

No 1/06/03
Santhanam Vasu Newcastle Australia
Excellent work. Community work like this needs so much support from all sectors of Government. I hope and pray that your work continues without any major problem.

Hanasoge Narasimhamurthy Venugopal Bangalore India
God bless ur org.

Shukla Dr. Abhishek Lucknow, U.P. India 

Joseph Paul Arvind Toronto Canada
Hi, Your website was refered to me by my brother john ashokumar who occasionally volunteers to help sister lalitha.I will forward this site to all my friends in Canada, US, M.E and my brother in UK. Great service for a great need. God bless all involved in this project

Govardhan Kavitha London United Kingdom
A very useful website for a very remarkable service. Well Done! to everyone involved for all their efforts. 

T.S.Jambunathan Jambu Chennai India
indeed a noble service.

Rajagopalan Krishnan Chennai India

Ranganathan Lakshmi Narasimhan Chennai India
This is a commendable service offered by Jeevodaya to the people who have never seen such kind of helping hand in their lives.