"If I can stop one Heart from Breaking,
I shall not Live in Vain,
If I can Ease one Life the Aching,
I shall not live in Vain"


Jeevodaya Diagnostic Centre
Ashirvad Bhavan
15th August 2016

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– Yet another milestone in the history of Jeevodaya!  

May 24th 2013 saw the inauguration of this facility at Chinnabommagikulam , a village in Nemallur Panchayat, Gummidipoondi Taluk of Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. 

Needless to say that the inspiration to start this facility came from our patients – the few of them who were admitted in Jeevodaya with advanced cancer. Representatives from that area requested us to extend our facilities to their villages as there were quite a few patients suffering from cancer who lacked proper medical care.

The foundation stone for the first phase of the project – which houses out-patient clinic and residence for the staff – the FCC nuns – was laid on 26th 0f January 2012. It took nearly 15 months to complete this phase. 

We would like to thank the Government of Tamilnadu for encouraging our venture by giving exemptions on stamp duty and registration fee while buying the land - for as per the existing policy of Jeevodaya  all the services which will be rendered here, which will primarily benefit the lower socio-economic group, will be free of cost.

We would like to thank our main sponsors, TIMKEN FOUNDATION, (introduced to us by Mr. Newton on the advice of Dr.Udaya Mahadevan), Regi Abraham of ABAN, Sudheer John Peter of Sheenlac, Cholayil, Edwin Rosario Swamykannu, our builder Mr. Xavier and other well-wishers for giving a head start to the project.

Blessing ceremony of the convent and clinic was officiated in a simple ceremony by His Excellency Mar Pauly Kannookedan, Bishop of Irinjalakuda and Bishop in-charge of Syro-Malabar mission on Friday the 24th of May 2013. Among those who attended the function were Sister Provincial of FCC and Chairperson of Jeevodaya Trust, Council members of FCC, Rev. Fr. Jose Pallaty- Co-ordinator of Chennai Mission, Dr. Manjula Krishnaswamy, Medical Director of Jeevodaya, Dr. Ponni, Joint Medical Director of Jeevodaya (who inaugurated the clinic), Mr. Newton- Head of Human Resourses TIMKEN Foundation and a small group of  workers and well- wishers.

Rev.Sisters of FCC – Sr. Christiano, Sr.Liberetta, Sr. Lalitha Teresa and will be the Administrative Heads of Ashirvad Bhavan. 

Medical Wing will be headed by Dr. Manjula Krishnaswamy.

To start with we shall be conducting a survey of all the 10 villages in Nemallur Panchayat, to assess their medical needs.  The plan is to systematically address every village, to create awareness and to screen them for common cancers, namely oral, breast and cervical cancers and register them for periodic follow up. Though our primary focus will be on cancer, we intend to have a holistic programme for improving the health and literacy of the community. The services will be extended to the rest of the villages in Gummidipoondi taluk in the second phase.

Children’s needs in terms of health and education will be addressed by introducing out of curriculum activities to inculcate life values in the young mind. Work is under way to enroll the local children in a club that will engage them in group activities. It will also provide a platform for them to develop and showcase their individual talents.

Our long term project which we have envisaged is to provide specialised care facilities for the elderly and a rehabilitation program for the physically challenged children.

Yes, we always (day) dream big but we also know that……………………………………..
there are miles to go before we sleep!


Ashirvad Bhavan - 21st July 2013 

- The first awareness programme on cancer and palliative care was conducted at a local school in Chinnabommagikulam village. It was attended by about 60 people from all age groups. 

The slide show on causes, prevention and management of common cancers evoked a lot of healthy discussions. The local youth, ' the youth brigade' as Sr. Lalitha calls them, who had come forward to help us in all our activities, took a pledge to make their villages tobacco and drug free!

When it came to explaining about palliative care, we were in for a surprise. One young lady, came forward and recalled, emotionally and with tears running down her cheeks, how her father, a chain smoker who had developed oral cancer,suffered during the entire period of treatment and who had even considered ending his life, had a reprieve from his pain and suffering only after he was taken to Jeevodaya - where he spent his last days peacefully. 

She described the services and the atmosphere in Jeevodaya so vividly, that we were left with nothing more to add!

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3rd August 2013 

The first free outpatient clinic was conducted at Ashirvad Bhavan and medicines were distributed free of cost. 

64 patients attended the clinic. Dr. Ponni, Dr.Vijaya, Dr. Geetha and Dr. Manjula were assisted by the staff of Jeevodaya - Sr. Martin, Sr.Ancita,Sr.Jophy and Bhuvaneswari. 

Excellent arrangements had been made by the sisters of Ashirvad Bhavan - Sr.Christana, Sr.Liberata and Sr.Lalitha Teresa. The local leader promised Sr. Lalitha with all assistance locally for the running of the clinic and for conducting cancer screening camps. It is proposed to run the Out Patient clinic every first and third Saturday of the month.

17th August 2013 - 
Dr.Vijaya, Dr.Govardhan and Dr.Manjula conducted the Medical OP Clinic. 
Dr. Vijaya Ravi was requested to take charge of running the clinic on a regular basis which she kindly accepted.

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